Short Stories


This is the resting place for a number of short stories that have collected on my computer’s hard drive over the years.  Some are published, most are not.  They cover a WIDE range of genres, not all of them catered for children, so some reading caution is advised, although by far most of them are all PG-rated stories.    If anything is actually R-rated I will point it out.

Lastly, these are free right now, but some will be remade later into full color books for print and electronic sale.  Me & Sharkzilla for example is the first in a 5 book series.

 The Boy Who Cried Snizzerwit (fantasy poem)

The Manic 9 Lives of Mr. Jives (children’s poem)

The Fallen Angel (fantasy)

Me & Sharkzilla (children’s poem)

My Poor Cat, I Made Him Fat! (children’s poem)

Swamp Water Stew (PG-13) (dark fantasy)

The Long Road (PG-13) (thriller)

The Torquinator (fantasy)

One (PG-13) (thriller)

Incident at Northpark Mall (PG-13) (thriller)

Smarg Wars (PG-13) (sci fi fantasy)


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